World of Tanks – 1 million credits Glitch

World Of Tanks Blitz Hack Here!

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1.000.000 credits in one battle sums it up. What seems to have been a bug ended up in an epic result XD

Explaining in a quick way what happened : The mission bonuses were 150.000 credits and 500.000 credits. He received without bonus 50.000 credits. The game WITH A PREMIUM ACCOUNT should have calculated the credit income like this : 500.000 + 150.000 + 75.000 (50.000 + 50% from the premium). Instead, it did this: 750.000(500k + 50%) + 225.000(150k + 50% of it) + 75.000(50k + 50% of it). Basically, it applied the 50% multiplier to the mission bonuses.
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World Of Tanks Blitz Hack Here!

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